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Retailer and rental of PCDs (poly crystaline diamonds) for all types of grinders. 5″, 7″, 10″ grinders, bolt on.  Husequevera.

Retailer and rental of Pulsebac vacuum products.  These 1150 series are considered the industry standard.  They pulse back through the filters every few seconds for a fraction of a second, to blow the dust off the filters.  This automatically cleans the three filters so there is no loss in suction with no notice to the user. very rarely change the filters.  Connect them to any of our grinders with dust shrouds and grind dust free.

Retailer of BW shotblasters.


6″- peels mastic asphalt off of concrete. has a fixed rigid head.  uses a thicker 1/4″ blade.

HD 360- peels rubberized waterproofing off of concrete (podiums, bridges).  get ready to grind.

HHD 360 and HHD 360W – peels traffic topping (epoxy and urethane) and heavy tile. Put two 10″ blades in for 20″ passes for water proofing/non bonded thin system, on the wide version.

360 – only for portable applications where weight should be added.

crack router –
220v sawtec
120v on cart with 3/8″ diamond disk.


Powered by a 3 phase electric to hydraulic hirado pump, crush balconies, barriers, parapets, or whatever with ease. expose the rebar and cut out.  available in 6 to 18″


Only darda splitters from Germany are the rock and concrete splitting king. both substances are broken from within with less force and darda produces many tonnes of force from the inside via rock drills with specific drill bits on drill steels. hydraulic pumps available in electric, pneumatic and gas power sources.


Skid steer mounted, auxillary powered hydraulic, carbide picks can remove hard material for piling.


Single and dual Dowel drills – come with integral carbide drill steels with the rental.


Generator – the 220v grinders can be supplied with 12kw generators with Honda engines and exhaust scrubbers for indoor use.

SSHG- skid steer hydraulic grinder – ultra high production grinding fitted with 3 heads, 4 bolt on puck, 5 PCD(60PCDs). weight can be added – 75 pounds for more aggressive engagement.

Advance- unique, efficient, walk behind that delivers enough power on only 220V, 30A (we can provide generators) that can run 6 aggressive PCDs or diamond grits, on two heads under 400lbs. 24″ passes. many grinders can deliver the same power but require 3 phase supply.  great for coating removal, concrete cleaning and leveling.

Domus – 220v, 30a, 5hp dual head, 220lb. similar to the advance grinders with two heads but are outfitted with plug body heads that bolt onto diamond grit 3″ pucks.  pucks are available for purchase or rental in many bonds and grits.

10″ single head grinders – 220V, 15a, 3 hp and 120V, 15a, 1.5hp. Available with PCD or 18 grit diamonds in medium or soft bond. Smaller patches and edge grinding.

Edge grinder on cart- 7″ PCD or 18 grit diamond. Stop grinding on your knees.

Upturn grinder on cart – 7″ PCD or 18 grit diamond. Want more production? Take waterproofing off the bottom corner of walls with ease.


Lfa280 (coarse) – skid steer hydraulic  planer with lateral, tilt and depth adjustment. has 40 carbide teeth and removes half to one full inch per pass on concrete or asphalt.

Ap300 (fine) – same as above but has 140 teeth for less aggressive removal.

Floor strippers- ghrun floor strippers with 12″ blades.  self propelled, cuts into sections with the upturn blades (for cutting into strips) or use straight blades. can only be used on concrete.


[email protected], 215lb, 11″wide. hammer the crap of of concrete with pneumatic carbide tipped pistons.  fast, aggressive removal and expose the aggregate.


Carbide tip flails on rotating drums give a light texture to concrete like a broom on loose material.  take 1/8″ per pass. choose from:
8″ 110v
10″ 220v
10″ 11hp gas
12″ 600v
12″ hydraulic skid steer attachment